Advanced Therapeutic Massage   - Tiffany Schreck, LMT
Rejuvenating Integrated Massage to Decompress
                                              Your Body & Free Your Mind 

     I'm Tiffany Schreck, your massage therapist in Council Bluffs, Iowa.   
     I specialize in rehabilitative, therapeutic massage for people of all shapes, colors and sizes, who tend to get stiff, sore and off balance from stress, doing daily activities and participating in sports they love.  I have also had success working with people who have been more seriously injured and are looking for a natural way to recover. 
       Massage therapy with me may prevent the need for surgery in some cases but I advise consulting with your physician before considering it.  Carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff issues, neck pain, foot pain,  and sciatica are very common issues that massage may help.
      I support your health, wellness and peace of mind by offering focused, personalized massages tailored to your body's needs...from a "I just want to fall asleep" deep relaxation massage to a  more involved focused massage where you communicate with me through the session.  Your posture is still a focus during the relaxation massages.