Advanced Therapeutic Massage   - Tiffany Schreck (Skaw), LMT
Rejuvenating Integrated Massage to Decompress
                                              Your Body & Free Your Mind 

  New Location and Phone Number!

              Home office:
1023 Pine St. in Council Bluffs, Iowa 
     I'm Tiffany Schreck (formerly Skaw), your massage therapist in Council Bluffs, Iowa.   
     I specialize in rehabilitative, therapeutic massage for active women who tend to get stiff, sore and off balance from stress, doing daily activities and participating in sports they love.  I have also had success working with women who have been more seriously injured and are looking for a natural way to recover. 
       Massage therapy with me may prevent the need for surgery in some cases but I advise consulting with your physician before considering it.  Carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff issues and sciatica are very popular issues that massage can help.
      I support your health, wellness and peace of mind by offering focused, personalized massages tailored to your body's needs...from a "I just want to fall asleep" deep relaxation massage to a  more involved focused massage where you communicate with me through the session.  Your posture is still a focus during the relaxation massages.    
      Some of the many types of clients I enjoy working with are: passionate gardeners / yogis / runners / golfers / swimmers / bicyclists / busy moms or grandmas / healthcare workers / teachers / or clients facing pain from an injury or accident.